Hilary Duff Looks Back On Iconic 'Vanity Fair' Shoot


| LAST UPDATE 04/01/2022

By Georgina White
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Chances are that unless you were living under a rock in 2003, you'll recall the iconic Vanity Fair cover shoot titled "It's Totally Raining Teens." While the color-coordinated spread with the biggest teen stars of the early 2000s became an eternal moment in pop culture for fans at home, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for the teens on set.

For context: the photoshoot included the biggest blockbuster stars of the time, including Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes, the Olsen twins, Alexis Bledel, Raven-Symoné, Lindsay Lohan, and many more. The issue came out back in 2003, around the time that our girl Hilary was looking forward to projects, including Cheaper by the Dozen and A Cinderella Story. Talk about a throwback! And if we know anything about Hollywood stars, it's that sometimes personalities can clash, and it can make times on set less than enjoyable. And according to Duff's memory, things weren't so friendly that day. At the time, she and Lindsay Lohan were feuding over their past relationships with Aaron Carter, in addition to fighting head-to-head for similar roles. So it's safe to say there were mixed feelings for Duff.

it's raining teens cover
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"I remember being like, 'This is cool I was included in this,'" she said while holding up the cover of the Vanity Fair addition. "But no, this was a very high-stress, anxiety-inducing day," she concluded. Luckily, tensions aren't as high these days, as she pointed out that she and fellow cover girl Mandy Moore are pals. "Mandy and I are great friends now, so this is very funny," the 34-year-old actress laughed. And while we can't see the tension coming through in the Vanity Fair photoshoot, Hilary isn't the only one with something to say about the shoot. According to Us Weekly, Evan Rachel Wood felt "like meat" and left the shoot "close to tears" by the end of the day. Yikes! We know they say a picture paints a thousand words, but we weren't expecting these ones!

You can check out Hilary's full Vanity Fair interview above, and be sure to check back soon for more updates on your favorite Hollywood celebrities.

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