How Parenthood Changed Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's Relationship

Natalia Hoss

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid and singer-songwriter Zayn Malik became first-time parents to a baby girl in September 2020. Since then, their lives and their relationship has changed in many ways. While we are (im)patiently waiting for their daughter's name to be made public, we've been peaking into how their relationship has changed in the past few months.

Zayn Malik Pregnant Gigi
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Although the couple is new to parenthood, there are a few things they ironed out straight away. When it comes to family, parenting, and culture, Gigi and Zayn share the same belief of raising their daughter with their best intentions. With close, loving relationships with their own families, this should come naturally.

Gigi Hadid and Daughter
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It seems that the couple is off to a good start, as Grandma Yolanda Hadid shared her excitement on Instagram. "When I woke up this morning and counted all my blessings in life this little Angel was ranked #1," she wrote. "It's a whole new feeling...a part of my heart I didn't know existed." The whole family seems thrilled!

Zayn and Gigi look as though they're loving parenthood so far and can't get enough of their mini-Gigi! Based on their social media accounts, the couple is eating up mom and dad life (and sleeping when they can). Gigi is visibly excited to be a new mom, and her man is right by her side. The couple seems to be stronger than ever now that they have a family of their own.

Gigi Hadid Zayn Malik
Instagram via @gigihadid

Gigi took to Insta this week to celebrate Zayn's birthday. "Team No Sleep! Happiest birthday to our Zaddy baba. So special. Love you long time, thank you for makin me a mamma to the best girl ever. Wish you the best every single day," she wrote. Although the couple might not be sleeping a full 8 hours a night, they are still working on their crafts.

The new (probably very sleep-deprived) Dad recently released a new music video for his track titled "Vibez." The track is part of his new album; Nobody Is Listening. The video features a blonde Zayn, unique video production, and even a whale! If you need us, we'll be here listening to Malik's new album on repeat.