From Bella Hadid to Justin Bieber, Here's How Our Fave Stars Celebrated Father's Day


| LAST UPDATE 06/21/2021

By Georgina White
celebrity instagram fathers day
Instagram via @bellahadid

Sunday, June 20th, was an extra special one. And chances were that you spent the day showering the ol' man with love. And, if so, you weren't alone. Our favorite celebs had some pretty special messages for their dads on Father's Day.

Starting us off is Justin Bieber, who posted an adorable picture with dad Jeremy. The photograph shows Biebs leaning on his father's shoulder while Jeremy looks off into the distance. The way-back-when shot was partnered with a short but sweet caption: "I LOVE YOU DAD WIF MY WHOLE HEART." The Peaches singer rarely posts about his old man, as the two have a complicated relationship. But in Bieb's eyes, it will always be worth working through. "Relationships are worth fighting for, especially with family," he previously reflected.

Bella Gigi Fathers Day
Instagram via @bellahadid

Joining in on the Father's Day celebrations was none other than Bella Hadid. The model hit the gram to show off her baba, Mohamed Hadid. A quick scroll through Mohamed's Instagram page shows us just how proud he is of his kids. So naturally, it was time to return a little of the love. The supermodel's photo dump featured childhood and recent pics with sister Gigi, including candid clips of the two cuddling in the sun. Cute, right?

Stars celebrate father's day
Instagram via @bellahadid

But the caption had a bittersweet twist: Unfortunately, the father-daughter duo was separated for the festivities. "Although I cry writing this because I wish I could give you the biggest hug &kiss today!!" the Vogue cover girl confessed. No worries, Bella. We're sure your rain check brunch will be as fabulous as the Hadid family.

Celebrities celebrate fathers day
Instagram via @bellahadid

Now, this next one packed a serious punch. Kim Kardashian didn't want to shout out only her late dad or the father of her children, but ALL "the amazing dads in [her life]." And there were a lot of them.

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Kimmy started out with a heartfelt picture of her "guardian angel:" late father, Robert. She then went on to feature former beau Kanye, Caitlyn, Rob Jr., Scott, Tristan, and Travis. What a list! We seriously loved these mushy posts... Can every Sunday be Father's Day?