Influencer Arielle Charnas Goes Silent Following COVID-19 Backlash

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Influencer Arielle Charnas hasn’t uttered a peep on social media since April 2.

The mother of two and founder of brand Something Navy, has opted to keep her Instagram silent after facing major heat for her response to the COVID-19 virus. 


It all started on March 13th, when Arielle shared with her 1.3M IG followers that she was feeling ill and having symptoms of COVID-19.

She called up a doctor friend and immediately got a test, despite the fact that millions of people have been struggling to get access to testing. A nurse came to her car to test her while her husband, Brandon, filmed it. She uploaded the footage to her Instagram stories and tagged the doctor and his office in the posts.

Arielle revealed in a statement on March 18 that she tested positive for COVID-19, including that her daughters were showing no symptoms but that her husband was also sick.

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Arielle was immediately accused of using her privilege and wealth to access a test even though she wasn't high-risk, and was called out by several publications including Diet Prada and The New York Post.

Arielle addressed the backlash in a video where she said that the claims were "massive B.S."


After 8 days of quarantining, instead of the required 14, Arielle and her family left their apartment in the Flatiron District and drove to their rented home in the Hamptons.

Arielle began posting photos and stories in the Hamptons, all while angered fans continued to leave comments on her posts accusing her of being selfish and irresponsible for potentially infecting people in her building, on the streets, and carrying the virus out of the city.


She posted several, now-deleted photos of herself walking through the streets in The Hamptons and in her yard, even though the C.D.C. recommends people who have tested positive should stay indoors and self-isolate. The hate comments kept coming.

On April 2, Arielle posted a teary-eyed apology video on her Instagram story, saying, "I'm sorry for anyone that I've offended or hurt over the last couple of weeks. Right now, I'm trying to focus on my family, because we've been receiving horrible threats. I made every effort to do the right thing throughout this process." She also posted a lengthy statement on her feed.

Since her apology, neither her, nor her husband, nor her brand Something Navy has posted anything to social media.