Inside Kylie Jenner's $36 Million New Mansion

Genevieve Scott

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As Forbes will remind you, she's a self-made billionaire, so you can bet she's got no problem spending that hard-earned money. In fact, Jenner's latest buy just set her back $36 million, and you're gonna have to see it to believe it.

E! News via Zillow

Where are you spending these quarantined days? For the Keeping up with the Kardashians star, her latest buy has her self-isolating in style. Seriously. You're about to be feeling very jealous.

19,250 square-feet of pure luxury, as her newest digs boasts 7 lavish bedrooms and 14 state-of-the-art baths.

Rumour Juice via Instagram

Her latest mansion "even has 20 parking spaces for Kylie's several luxury cars," as People reported. In fact, the home is so impressive, it's gained a reputation for being a "resort compound." Feeling jealous yet?

But while we might be drooling over her swanky new purchase, the reality star's busy celebrating her deal-of-the-century. You see, she landed the "resort compound" for a mere $36.5 million - almost $10 million lower than the asking price. Consider us impressed.


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