Spilled Tea: James Charles and Morphe Collaborations Are Officially Over


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Chloe Becker
James Charles Morphe Split
YouTube via James Charles

Friday, April 16th marked the day that makeup mogul James Charles and Morphe made their split social media official. "Morphe and James Charles have agreed to end our business relationship and wind down sales of the Morphe x James Charles product offering," the makeup company posted on Twitter.

James Charles Morphe Split
Instagram via @jamescharles

Charles also took to social media to make an announcement, saying, "Accountability is something that I have spoken about a number of times in the past," referencing recent allegations against him. "I have loved every moment of working [with Morphe,] and am beyond grateful for what we've created together."

This big news comes to light after Charles admitted to several instances of inappropriate behavior that went against Morphe's rules and regulations. James hasn't posted for about 2 weeks now, but in a recent statement, he shared that he is now taking time to "Learn, grow, and listen," with hopes of becoming a better version of himself.

A video titled "Holding Myself Accountable" was then posted to the 21-year-old's YouTube page. In it, he discussed the many ways he plans to alter his behavior so he can continue acting as a role model for makeup lovers of all ages in the future. "I can't show change overnight but will overtime," Charles assured.

Morphe James Charges Canceled
Instagram via @jamescharles

While James is beginning to take accountability for his recent actions online, the makeup company is moving through Charles' products in stores. While his makeup line is no longer being produced, according to the official Morphe website, the James Charles x Morphe collaboration will continue to be sold until the stock runs out.

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He said it himself, the makeup mogul has some growing to do. In the meantime, his Twitter post and YouTube video continue to rack up a multitude of views and comments. Since April 16th, his Tweet has already racked up over a whopping 35K favorites and 4.3K comments.

James Charles Allegations Morphe
Instagram via @jamescharles

His socials might have temporarily gone quiet, but many makeup lovers and creators in the industry stand by with hopes that Charles can bounce back. There's something we simply can't deny; this sister seems to have too much tea to handle at the moment. But we're looking forward to the new and improved James, whenever he returns.