Kylie Jenner and Kylie Minogue's Trademark Feud Continues


| LAST UPDATE 08/24/2023

By Alyssa Williams
Kylie Jenner Minogue trademark
@kyliejenner via Instagram

It looks like Kylie Jenner and Kylie Minogue are back at it. The two celebrities made headlines a few years ago, when Minogue blocked Jenner from trademarking her name for Kylie Cosmetics. And it looks like the feud is far from over...

It's no secret that Kylie Jenner has built quite the beauty empire over the past nine years, with Forbes estimating the company's worth to be at least $900 million in 2019. However, despite the success of her multi-million-dollar corporation, Kylie's success wasn't without a few battles along the way - and some of those were legal ones. But despite the legal drama of the past, the Kardashians star has recently filed a few trademarks for her first name. The first relates to organizing and modifying media content, video and computer games, ringtones, and more. Her second trademark filing included fan merchandise such as calendars, posters, stationery, and stickers. Meanwhile, the third filing describes clocks, jewelry, hair accessories, watches, and keychains all to be made and branded under Jenner's name.

Kylie Minogue Jenner trademark
@kylieminogue via Instagram
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Although Jenner has made 16 trademark applications for her first name in total, she was only able to get five of them registered. Following Kylie Minogue's 2016 lawsuit against Jenner, the singer explained that Jenner trademarking her name could cause "confusion" among fans, which might hurt Minogue's brand. Minogue also mentioned that she's been using her first name to sell products since the 90s, and pointed out she's even the owner of the domain

Kylie Minogue has expressed the lawsuit isn't personal, but that she will protect her reputation if need be. "It's awkward, because fans get so loyal and vocal, and we love that!” Minogue told Rolling Stone in 2018. "But it was nothing personal at all, I'm at pains to say." In a 2022 appearance on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen, Minogue was asked by the show's host whether she'd discussed the matter with Kris Jenner directly. The singer responded with a laugh and said she would "love to meet" the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Minogue has yet to break her silence on Jenner's latest attempt to trademark her first name, but something tells us this saga is far from over. Stay tuned...

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