Thanks To TikTok, We Can't Ignore Jennifer Aniston's Vocal Habit on 'Friends' Any Longer

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Ahem, get ready, Friends-lovers, because after we reveal to you Jennifer Aniston's vocal tic, there's a good chance you'll never be able to un-hear it. Recently, a new TokTok trend of exposing shows' Easter eggs and oddities has taken over. From slip-ups and improv moments to habits and more, much has been exposed.

Aniston Friends Vocal Habit
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Thanks to TokTok user @cts.trphe, attention has been brought to Aniston's Friends character, Rachel Green. The user took to YouTube to collect many instances that Jen vocalized a repeating habit in many scenes. What is the vocal tic, you might be wondering? Well, brace yourselves as you press play on the video below to find out. 

YouTube via Lane Tarr

"Aniston has this sort of vocal tic that she does at the beginning of every single sentence that she starts," said the TikToker. "It's very specific, and it's very hard to unsee once you notice it." The video states that Rachel, AKA Jen, clears her throat 200 times, and while we couldn't count ourselves, 200 sounds about right.

Thinking back, we do remember hints of this vocal habit throughout the NBC sitcom's 10 seasons. Some viewers commented that the habit was simply part of Rachel's character that came to light in scenes where she was supposed to feel awkward. And others are confident that it has always been just an "Aniston thing."

Jennifer Aniston Vocal Tic
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Fans joined the conversation, commenting, "I noticed this constantly over the years" and "I don't know if this is Rachel Green or Jennifer Aniston" on the video. Whether or not it's a habit or part of Green's character, there's one thing we know for sure. Next time we watch Friends, we'll be anticipating many, many "ahem's." But don't let that lead you to believe clearing her throat is the only thing she can do, more recently the star has dabbled in some healthier projects.

YouTube via VitalProteins

"Our strength, our power, our purpose starts within," the Friends star said (without clearing her throat first). Aniston joined Vital Proteins to promote Collagen Peptide products. In the video, Jen starts her morning with a cup of collagen coffee and a workout. The "It's within us" slogan rings clear, with a wink from the star.