Jennifer Garner Talks Avoiding Headlines About Ex Ben Affleck


| LAST UPDATE 04/11/2023

By Peral Simons
Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck
Vimeo: collidervideo via Wikimedia Commons

We're all familiar with the pain involved with breakups or divorces. After officially cutting ties, we do whatever we need to do to help ourselves get over them. Whether that's blocking them on social media or deleting all traces of them from our photo gallery, it all contributes toward the effort of erasing them from our minds and memory. Celebrities, however, don't have this luxury, as the tabloids heavily publicize pictures of their exes loved up with their new beaus. Jennifer Garner, for example, admitted to Stellar Magazine that she avoids reading about her ex-husband Ben Affleck as much as she can as "it doesn't make [her] feel good." Here's what else she had to say...

"I really work hard not to see either of us in the press," she said. "It doesn't make me feel good, even if it's something nice about one of us. I just try to forget that I'm out there in any way and the same with anyone I love. I don't need to see anyone in my family made into a meme." By this, she is, of course, referring to the influx of internet memes that were created in the aftermath of Affleck and Lopez's appearance at the 2023 Grammys. When Ben looked less than pleased to be there, the internet couldn't get enough of the photographs, captioning them with funny jokes.

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck
Flickr via hayesandjenn
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For Garner, this escape from the public eye has been mostly successful as the paparazzi rarely score snaps of her and her partner, John Miller. On the other hand, Ben remains a star focus for the tabloids, which frequently publish photographs of him and his new wife, Jennifer Lopez. The Good Will Hunting star is also the center of many misconstrued headlines which paint a different story to reality.

It's been a long road for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, who first met back in 2004 on the set of Pearl Harbour. Check out their entire relationship timeline for all the scandals and secrets along the way.

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