Inside Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo's Adorable '13 Going on 30' Reunion

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It may have been years since we watched Jenna and Matty take New York City by storm. But it appears they're still very much thirty, flirty and thriving. This past week, our favorite 13 Going on 30 middle-school sweethearts reunited on our screens. And it was exactly as adorable as it sounds.

Jennifer Garner, Jenna Rink
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"Reconnecting with an old pal," actor Mark Ruffalo gushed on Instagram, alongside a snap of Jennifer Garner. "Anyone know where we can get some Razzles in Canada?" Don't forget to show us your tongue when you find the answer to that one, Mark.

As for why the two were spotted together again? Could we be looking at a '13 Going on 30: 2?' Unfortunately, folks, don't get too excited just yet. The two are set to star in Shawn Levy's upcoming sci-fi adventure, The Adam Project; Which means they were probably just kind enough to bless us with a snap from set.

Jennifer Garner, Mark, Razzles
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And just when we thought we couldn't love them any more. Guess what? They weren't the only ones who reunited on our Instagram feeds. Just last month, Jennifer Garner shared a snap with her famous frenemy. And we're not quite sure how to feel about it. Any guess who we're talking about?

Judy Greer, Jennifer Garner
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We''ll give you a hint. "Always the smartest. Always the funniest. Always the biggest @dodgers fan in the room," as Garner put it: Judy Greer, otherwise known as 'Tom-Tom.' That's right. She must have done lots of apologizing after her Poise sabotage, because the two look closer than ever. And you can bet we're here for it.

13 Going on 30, Cast
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In fact, seeing everybody together again almost makes us feel like we're back in those school halls. (Minus the Six Chicks' death stares, of course.) Seriously, we can't help but admire how close the entire cast seems to be. And on that note? Go grab that Pina Colada (virgin, of course), and be sure to stay tuned for all the latest updates.

Until then? Arrivederci!