Josh Peck Looks Back at Childhood Fame


| LAST UPDATE 08/26/2022

By Christiana Holland
josh peck nickelodeon stars
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It seems like things were so simple for Josh Peck. Considering a significant pattern in child stars making a wrong turn after fame, we can only commend him for his journey into fatherhood! Peck recently opened up on E! News' Daily Pop about how he maintained a "normal" lifestyle and went on to find TikTok stardom. Here's what the actor had to say for himself.

Famous for his iconic role as Josh Nichols on the hit Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh, Peck has left fame with his head held high. He worked alongside Drake Bell, who played step-brother Drake Parker, for four seasons. Though, this was not Peck's child star debut. He also featured on many episodes of The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon, voiced Eddie in Ice Age, and played troubled teen George in the 2004 movie Mean Creek. But, nothing compared to the goofy step-brother sitcom. Though Peck took a break from acting, he has landed a few recent roles, including How I Met Your Father, iCarly, and even 13: The Musical. Though he experienced the "ups and downs," he has still managed to come out on the other side and feels "lucky to have survived the curse of child stardom."

Josh Peck Nickelodeon Stars
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Peck was initially invited to speak on the talk show to discuss his TikTok success, now with almost 8 million followers. He teased his profession, revealing that he is "overpaid and really blessed." His authentic personality left fans falling in love with him, pointing out his "ridiculous face and terrible dance moves" as the reason for his views. He continued to mention how he is "grateful" for starting his career in the "renaissance of social media." The conversation quickly flipped to how he managed not to fall into the child star trap. Following the release of former iCarly star Jennette McCurdy's memoirI'm Glad My Mom Died, Peck and the Daily Pop openly discussed the "struggles of being a child actor." Peck praised his mother for support but also acknowledged he struggled and experienced some "regrettable behavior," as mentioned in his new book, Happy People Are Annoying. Now, married to Paige O'Brien and a father to 3-year-old Max - with another baby on the way - Peck is aware of the possible chance his son might want to "follow in his funny footsteps." 

Peck has remained humble since the re-rise of his fame but remains close to those he worked with growing up, like on-screen step-sister Miranda Cosgrove. The Daily Pop hosts Justin Sylvester and guest host Jessie James Decker were extremely happy to see how Peck's life has turned out - and so are we!

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