Fans React to Beibs' New Dreadlocks


| LAST UPDATE 04/27/2021

By Georgina White
Justin Bieber New Dreadlocks
Instagram @justinbieber

Justin Bieber is no stranger to bold looks. His go-to fits on the gram are heavy on the color and the print, but we're here for it. There's no doubt that his wifey Hailey Bieber keeps him on his fashion toes. But this latest hair-do had us pausing on the feed for a hot sec.

Bieber Dreadlocks Instagram
Jackson Lee contributor via Getty Images

Biebs' latest posts are making waves after he revealed his latest look: dreadlocks... Again. Throwback right? This is not the first time the Peaches singer has rocked this style, he first debuted it back in 2016. Given the mixed reaction from fans, many are surprised the pop star chose it again. Justin seemed totally unbothered in his Instagram posts. And can you blame him? Pics featured him boo'd up with the Mrs. soaking up the sun. And yes, we're jealous.

The dreads were just the beginning of this bomb post Beiber dropped. Love it or hate it, Justin came through drippin', as per usual. Seriously, not everyone can pull off knee-high socks and a hot pink checkered sweater you guys. And of course, how could we forget the red shades. Well played Justin, we almost missed the new hair with all that going on... Almost.

Just like in 2016, lovers and haters of the new look took to Instagram to share thoughts. With kind comments like "It’s great to see you feeling confident with yourself," to some that were... Well, not so nice. One user dropped a "HONEY I LOVE YOU BUT THIS AIN'T IT 😭😭😭." Ouch. But wait you guys, there's more tea. We're also seeing a return of hate against the Grammy winner as some say his new look is culturally insensitive. Yikes, is it too late now to say sorry?

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Once again Justin Bieber has dominated the charts and the news with this latest style. Seems like the Purpose singer has committed to the big and bold lifestyle and we're tagging along for the ride. For now, we're left wondering what's next for the pop artist, in and out of the studio. We'd stay tuned if we were you...