Kaley Cuoco Cries Tears of Joy After Learning She Received Her First Golden Globe Nominations

Luna Dawson

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Plenty of our favorite stars have been overjoyed after receiving various Golden Globe nominations this week, but when Kaley Cuoco heard the news, her reaction was absolutely priceless. Cuoco was nominated for Best Actress for her performance in The Flight Attendant, making this her very first Golden Globe nomination.

The second she heard Sarah Jessica Parker read her name, Cuoco exclaimed, "Oh my God!" as her husband, Karl Cook, caught the whole thing on video. And to make matters even more exciting, Kaley was shocked yet again to learn that The Flight Attendant had also been nominated for Best TV Series, Musical, or Comedy.

"We're... Oh my God! I can't believe this. I cannot believe this," the actress continued. These two monumental nominations came about a month after The Flight Attendant was renewed for a second season. "To say that I am elated would be an understatement!" Cuoco shared about the series. "The positive response to our show has surpassed all of our expectations and I'm so proud of the entire team behind its success."

Kaley Cuoco Golden Globes
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Not only is Cuoco the lead role in the show, but she also executive produced it, making these nominations that much more meaningful. Even before the first season premiered, Kaley and her co-creator Steve Yockey spoke about the idea of making another season. "We have had a very clear path for what a season 2 would look like, and we hope we'll get the opportunity to do that," Cuoco revealed.

Kaley Cuoco Golden Globes
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"I'm thrilled to continue my partnership with Team Berlanti, Steve Yockey, HBO Max, and of course my beloved studio, Warner Bros," Kaley added. The HBO Max series is based on a novel written by Chris Bohjalian, and evidently, Cuoco's film adaptation was a great success. Without a doubt, Kaley's reaction to her Golden Globe nominations was amazing to watch, and we can't wait to see what's next for this star and the next season of The Flight Attendant!