Kelly Rowland: Blue Ivy is “Working Freaking Hard”


| LAST UPDATE 08/31/2023

By Amelia Taylor
Blue Ivy Kelly Rowland
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As it turns out, fans of Beyonce's exceptionally talented eleven-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, are not alone. Kelly Rowland has sung praises of the young singer and dancer. Kelly told E! News, "I'm very proud. She works very freaking hard, period. But how could she not, you know? She sees her mother in action, and she sees her father in action and how they apply hard work to everything they do." Kelly and Beyonce's relationship goes way back to when the two future stars met at eight years old in Houston. In the early 90s, Kelly and Beyonce would form 2⁄3's of the girl group Tyme; the pop group eventually evolved into Destiny's Child. 

Blue Ivy first appeared on stage alongside her mother on the Renaissance Tour in May in Queen Bey's Parisian leg. There, she danced with backup dancers to her The Lion King song My Power. Since then, Blue Ivy has regularly appeared as a dancer in several songs throughout the States, including Las Vegas, New York, and Atlanta. Kelly also appeared on TODAY and shared even more love for the young performer. "She's absolutely awesome," the Motivation singer said.

Beyonce Blue Ivy Kelly Rowland
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Blue Ivy's grandmother, through her iconic mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, has also been vocal about her granddaughter's unparalleled talent for someone so young. She posted a video of Blue Ivy dancing on her Instagram with the caption, "I am a proud grandma…I am truly amazed by the courage that this brave, talented, beautiful 11-year-old exhibited last night! There were almost 70,000 people in that audience." For any regular old Joe, this would be a tall ask. For the product of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z; it’s no biggie.

Beyonce's offspring are not the only ones with a knack for the stage in the Destiny's Child group. Kelly's son, Titan, also has an affinity for music. However, in 2021, Titan also unveiled his acting and impersonation skills. The now nine-year-old did a killer impression of Steve Irwin, leading fans of the singer to believe his career will lie in another industry altogether. Destiny's Child made legends out of both Kelly and Beyonce. Still, their even greater claim to fame is through the next generation of talent. Only time will tell.

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