Kenan Thompson Reveals Pete Davidson's Secret Dating Weapon


| LAST UPDATE 12/08/2022

By Christiana Holland
Kenan Pete Dating dating history
Dimitrios Kambouris for The Met Museum/Vogue / Rich Fury via Getty Images

Time to unveil the magical truth behind Pete Davidson's dating life! In a recent interview with Kenan Thompson, he revealed the hidden talent of his fellow comedian. We know Pete has cleared the entire A-list roster, but how did he do it? Here's all we need to know.

To kick things off, it's only right to commend the SNL alum on his dating history. Considering Davidson has maintained multiple staple relationships in the public eye, we can only wonder what his secret is. The King of Staten Island has stolen the hearts of fellow female comedians, such as Carly Aquilino, multi-Grammy-Award winning artists like Ariana Grande, Hollywood stars like Margaret Qualley, Kim Kardashian, and his current fire fling, supermodel/mom Emily Ratajkowski. Well, you know what they say, all's fair in love and war, and Pete didn't think twice about getting what he wanted. Yet, when it comes down to the reason behind securing relationships with high-profile women, it's not as calculated as we think. The Good Burger star went into heartfelt detail about Pete's womanizer ways... using the term 'womanizer' very lightly. 

Kenan Pete Davidson dating history
Jamie Squire via Getty Images
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Thompson and Davidson seem to have a flourishing friendship, so there's no need for Kenan to throw his SNL co-star under the bus. Exactly right. Thompson couldn't help but only say positive things about Pete, which is the key to his heartfelt relationships. Thompson told E! News that Pete's trump card is his simple charm and "who he is as a person. Kenan poured his heart out to explain, "He's a sweet young man... He's very kind, and endearing, loves his mom and sister, and, you know, has hyper adoration for his father. He's just a good-hearted person." Considering the Meet Cute star had a rough childhood, this didn't have a profound effect on him, as Thompson continued to say, "Inside, I don't think he's [cut] out to harm a piece of cotton. Like, he's just a good kid." It makes sense. It might be hard to find a genuine guy these days, so when we see a good one in the public eye, we may question what goes wrong elsewhere. Why can't we all have a Pete? His most recent sweet moment was witnessed at the New York Nicks basketball game, where he was spotted cozying up and sharing a with Ratajkowksi. What was funny?! Tell us, please! But really, it seems the entire nation has fallen in love with the 29-year-old - and perhaps for good reason. 

Currently, Pete is blissfully living his best life, and we can't help but smile. And while we're still waiting to see what the hype is about for ourselves, until then, we wish Pete the lifetime of happiness he deserves… and, of course, stay tuned for all his dating updates!

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