Kendall Jenner Leads Car Parade for Kourtney's Birthday

Luna Dawson

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The social distancing guidelines for the coronavirus outbreak have forced people to come up with creative alternatives, for what would normally call for a big gathering. Baby sis Kendall Jenner found the perfect way to make Kourtney feel loved on her birthday.

Kendall led a row of luxury SUV's, Rolls Royces, Range Rovers, and Audis, filled with family and friends parading the eldest Kardashian sisters 41st.

Kourtney started off her morning with flower petals spread down her staircase, leading her to a quiet corner where she and her kids ate breakfast. Following this, Kourtney walked out of her mansion with her two daughters while horns were honked in celebration.

Khloe also posted snippets, saying 'This was amazing!!! Everyone loves celebrating @KourtneyKardash.'

Instagram was overflowing with birthday wishes for Kourtney. Each of her siblings either mocked her height or brought up old pictures from the past. The reality star's day was filled with surprises by her family, who only know one way to celebrate a birthday, and that's by going all out.