Kim Admits she "Hated" Her Pregnancy Body


| LAST UPDATE 08/12/2021

By Georgina White
kim kardashian insecure pregnancy
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With a reality TV empire, makeup brand, and clothing line under her belt, sometimes it's easy to forget that Kim Kardashian is only human. But she came to remind us that she struggled with one of the most common issues of them all: body insecurities.

Kim Kardashian Tell All
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The 40-year-old celeb sat down with Kristen Bell and Monica Padman for an episode of their podcast show We Are Supported By. And Kimmy used the opportunity to talk about the extreme pressures she felt from the media during her first pregnancy with her daughter North. As much as she tried to fight it, the Hollywood mama felt that she "was not a good pregnant person" and "hated" her appearance.

Kim Kardashian Body Insecurities
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"I was so used to seeing my mom pregnant, my sister pregnant, and everyone looking so cute and having these easy deliveries, and it was great, and they snapped right back," Kim confessed to the show hosts. "That wasn't me." And as if the personal insecurities weren't enough, Kim was struggling with a lot of body shaming from the tabloids as well. During her pregnancy, Kim felt "brutalized" by the press, who went so far as to compare her to Shamu, an enormous whale. And to make matters worse, Kanye's then-wife was expecting at the same time as Kate Middleton. And the haters didn't miss a beat to compare the two women.

"It was really, really, crazy," Kim admitted in the episode. "The Waif versus the Whale. It was so nasty... I can't really believe it. I don't think it would erally fly today," the mother of four reflected. "But it killed my self-esteem. I can't believe that this was acceptable and that this was OK." And the struggles continued after birth, when Kim felt "too embarrassed" to visit a public gym or be seen "trying to lose weight." Instead of enjoying the bliss of motherhood, Kim was suffering in silence. But today? Our Kimmy has found new levels of confidence and wants to share her positivity with the world: one post at a time.

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