Kim Kardashian Breaks Down Over Split From Kanye, "I Feel Like a Loser"


| LAST UPDATE 06/09/2021

By Georgina White
Kim Kardashian cries divorce
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Grab the tissues, you guys... This one may be a tear-jerker. With the latest and final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E!, we've been given a behind-the-scenes look at the Kimye split. Things got pretty emotional in a never-before-seen flashback that showed Kim crying to her sisters.

kim kanye divorce KUWTK
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Those who caught the trailer for the current KUWTK season had already seen a teaser of Kim's breakdown. But this past episode gave us the full picture. "I feel like a f***ing loser," the reality TV star sobbed while Kylie, Kourtney, and Kendall listened sympathetically. The 40-year-old celeb felt embarrassed as her third marriage unraveled before the world's eyes. But even with all the drama, Kardashian expressed nothing but respect for Kanye. "He's an amazing dad; he's done an amazing job," she said. "He really deserves someone that can go support his every mood and go follow him all over the place."

But as Kim saw it, she just couldn't be what Kanye needed anymore. "I can't do that," Kardashian admitted in defeat. The mom of four felt exhausted by parenting alone in Los Angeles while Kanye was out in Wyoming. The beauty mogul's loving sisters tried to comfort her, but Kimmy wouldn't hear it. "I feel like a loser," she cried into a bunch of tissues.

Kim kanye divorce relationship
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The emotional flashback was sandwiched between Khloe's one-on-one with the camera. "Kim has been struggling privately behind the camera about her relationship," the youngest Kardashian sister shared. Khlo also admitted that the starlet "tries to protect [her] union at all costs," but that the former Mrs. West was carrying that weight for way too long.

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Safe to say this was one of the sadder Kardashian-Jenner family getaways. And with only a small number of episodes left in the final season, fans are eager to see Kimmy pull through the heartbreak. Luckily, we know our girl's a tough cookie. Until then, you can count on us for all your KUWTK drama. Bible.