Kim Kardashian Takes Kendall’s Spot on ‘Vogue’


| LAST UPDATE 05/29/2022

By Georgina White
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Kevin Mazur/VF22 / Contributor via Getty Images

If 2022 has been one thing, it's been all about the KarJenners. From Kylie's pregnancy to the never-ending Pete-Kim-Kanye drama, there's been no shortage of juicy headlines to fill our addiction to this A-lister family. And what's best? Now we get to relive all the top moments of the year from an insider perspective thanks to their Hulu series. And this recent incident that aired on The Kardashians was no exception to the BTS drama we love to see...

For those who keep up with the KarJenners' every move (AKA us), it won't come as much of a surprise that Kim was the face of the American Vogue cover back in March of this year. The front spread featured Kimmy in all her high-fashion glory and gave an inside look at how the star was "choosing herself" following her split from Ye. Now, landing a Vogue cover in Kim's world is like going to the grocery store at this point. In fact, the very next month, Kim was also the cover of Hong Kong's publication! But what added an extra level of spice to this March issue was the fact that there was serious family tension surrounding the shoot. The show revealed that Kendall was lined up for the cover of that month when things suddenly turned. "I was so excited," Kris gushed to Kim about the tentative deal.

kardashians hulu viral scenes
NINO / Contributor via Getty Images
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Suddenly, the OG momager was placed in a "good news, bad news" situation. "They asked Kim to do the cover," she later revealed while talking to Kim privately. "Two of my daughters are being considered for the cover of American Vogue. What's really tough is, her agent said to me, 'Who wants to be the one to tell her that Kim's getting the cover and not her?'" After hearing the news from her agent, Kendall put on a smile and cheered her sis on. "There is not an upset bone in my body, because I think it went to the right person," she said. "I'm not tripping."

Yikes! Talk about sibling rivalry! Stay tuned for some more tea. And in the meantime, check out this other Kendall scandal that's got the internet buzzing!

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