Kim Kardashian's Decked-Out Playroom

Luna Dawson

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ET Canada

Keeping kids occupied for hours at a time can be seemingly impossible. After bringing four children into the world, Kim Kardashian has mastered this area, showing that contrary to popular belief, the Kardashian-West household is actually quite kid-friendly.

Kardashian takes a great deal of pride in her upscale playroom. For starters, the kids have a life-like stage to put on live concerts regularly, just like their father. The kids also have an entire costume collection to bring their performances to life and enhance their creativity.


The four West children can also get a head start on life skills with their miniature grocery store. Who doesn't love ringing up your brothers and sisters with a real working cash register!

Last but not least, the playroom wouldn't be complete without a spacious homework hangout spot. The toys and gadgets are great of course, but Kardashian wants to put a strong emphasis on the importance of academics at a young age.