Kylie Jenner Does Caitlyn's Makeup For the First Time Ever

Genevieve Scott

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From catfights to tears (lots of 'em), we've watched them grow up on our screens for years now. But this past week, Kylie Jenner and Caitlyn took to YouTube to do something never done before. And bible: You're gonna want to have a look for yourself.

Caitlyn Jenner, Kylie, YouTube
Instagram via @caitlynjenner

It all started when Caitlyn Jenner's latest schedule called for a swanky lunch in town; One she "wanted to look good for." But with California's COVID regulations keeping everyone at home, where was she supposed to get glammed up for the big day? *Enter, Kylie Jenner.*

Kylie Jenner, YouTube, Makeup
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"We've been talking about this for forever," Kylie gushed, as she hailed the reality star into her famous makeup chair. That's right, over the weekend, the Kylie Cosmetics queen welcomed a very special client: Her father, Caitlyn. And it was exactly as adorable as you expected.

First things first, we watched Kylie prop Cait's long locks back, because, well, protect the hair at all costs, right? As for what the makeup guru started her glam with? A fresh coat of foundation - and a heartwarming story to match. "So, I wanted to tell you that I love your YouTube channel," Kylie admitted. "I'm very honored to be on here."

Safe to say, the 15-minute adventure was one for the books. And we're not only talking about the flawless glam it eventually called for. From sharing memories of young Kylie's childhood to the first time Cait ever got her makeup done, the debut collab was everything we could've wanted - and then some.

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YouTube via Caitlyn Jenner

But if there's one thing Cait wants you to take away from their little chat - aside from how to contour like a pro? "Get everything you can get out of every day — wake up in the morning excited about the day," Jenner explained. "You can find that one thing in life that you're so passionate about."

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Safe to say, looks like the Kylie Cosmetics boss lady has done it again with another beautiful face of makeup. And we're certainly here for it. As for what other tricks the glamorous duo has got up their sleeves? We guess only time will tell. Be sure to keep up.

And on that note, ABCDEFG we have to go.