Kylie Jenner Is on a Mission To 'Save' Instagram


| LAST UPDATE 08/01/2022

By Abby Wall
kylie jenner instagram tiktok
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Kylie Jenner is riding the TikTok wave! Jenner has found a new love for the platform after calling out Instagram just a few days ago. Tell us how you really feel, girl! The reality-star mogul has officially entered her TikTok phase, and we are totally here for it! So, rise and shine, everyone, it's time to break down the latest drama...

What's up with the TikTok vs. Instagram feud going on at the moment? Well, thanks to the most followed woman on Instagram, the people have spoken and are begging Instagram to return back to its OG roots. Last week, the Kylie Cosmetics founder uploaded a meme to her IG story, which caused quite a stir! "Make Instagram Instagram again," the picture read. "Stop trying to be like TikTok I just want to see cute photos of my friends," she wrote to her 392 million followers. "Sincerely, Everyone." Kylie then wrote underneath, "PLEASEEEEEEE." She wasn't alone in the viral plea. Her sis, Kim Kardashian, then chimed in and posted the same meme to her 327 million followers, writing "PRETTY PLEASE."

Kylie Jenner Kim Kardashian
Taylor Jewell via Getty Images for Vogue
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So after the Jenner/Kardashian sisters made it clear how they really feel about Instagram, CEO Adam Mosseri stepped in to explain that he's heard what the people have been saying and although "more and more of Instagram is going to become video over time" it will also "continue to support photos." Phew. However, this didn't stop Kylie from pivoting quickly to Instagram's biggest rival: TikTok.


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In a recent TokTok video, Jenner took her followers through her nighttime beauty routine where she explained, "I just finished my shoot, I was taking off my makeup, and then I decided to film a three-minute TikTok." Why? "Because TikTok is my favorite place to be." Well, that explains that! The Kardashians star then proceeded to take off her makeup with her own Kylie Cosmetics products and did not share any more detail on the Instagram versus TikTok drama. So, with all the buzz around the hottest two social media platforms in the world, it makes us wonder: are you team TikTok or Instagram - or just team Kylie?

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