Kylie Jenner Registers Over 150,000 New Voters

Luna Dawson

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If Kylie Jenner has proved anything, it's to never under-estimate the power of a good thirst trap.

When Kylie posted this NSFW snap on Instagram to her nearly 200M followers with a caption about registering to vote, a spokesperson for confirmed to FOX News that the site's voter registration feature received an 80% increase in activity.

"After Kylie Jenner's Instagram post, the surge in interactions with's registration verification tool speaks to an energy among young Americans who want to make sure their voices are heard this election," said CEO Andrea Hailey.


While Kylie hasn't endorsed a candidate, her brother-in-law Kanye West is infamously attempting to run and encouraging fans to write his name in on the ballot.

Kim, Kanye's wife, also encouraged fans to register to vote in a new Instagram post, but was flooded with comments telling her to discourage her husband from running; a topic she has notably stayed silent on.