Kylie Jenner Baby Name Drama, Explained


| LAST UPDATE 02/25/2022

By Alyssa Williams
kylie jenner wolf drama
Kevin Mazur/MG18 via Getty Images for The Met Museum for Vogue

Less than a week after Kylie's son was born, she posted an Instagram story, revealing his name to be "Wolf Webster." Social media has shown differing opinions over Kylie Jenner's name choice for her newborn son, whom she shares with rapper Travis Scott. But there is one person who clearly isn't happy about Kylie's choice: Tammy Hembrow. Here's why.

Kylie's ex-friend, Australian influencer Tammy Hembrow, appeared to throw shade at her in a comment on her own TikTok video for giving her son the same name as her own, Wolf Hembrow. A follower who commented on the video, in which Tammy is pregnant, wrote, "I JUST KNOW YOU ARE NAMING YOUR BABY BENTLEY." Tammy responded to the follower's comment, writing, "Actually liking the name Stormi atm." Fans were quick to notice Tammy's reference to Kylie's first child, a daughter who she named Stormi.

tammy hembrow kylie wolf
Don Arnold / Contributor via Getty Images
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Seeing it as a jab at Kylie, who unfollowed the influencer in 2019, fans quickly began sharing screenshots of Tammy's comment on social media. Users have commented on the feud between the two social media stars, with some taking one of the two sides and others claiming the whole fight was "childish." Tammy's comment isn't the first time she's revealed how she feels about Kylie naming her son "Wolf." Less than one day after Kylie revealed the name of her newborn baby, Tammy took to Instagram to post a photo of herself with her son, captioning it, "My Wolf." One of her followers even joked about the influencer taking the squabble a step further, commenting on her post, "Name your newborn Stormi."

One Twitter user even revived an old screenshot revealing comments by Tammy on Kylie's name choice for her daughter in 2018. Kylie had revealed the name of her daughter in the caption of her first Instagram photo of her daughter Stormi in 2018. In her comment, Tammy claimed to have planned on naming her child "Stormi," alleging that Kylie stole the name from her. "No joke, that was the name we had chosen for our next Bub," Tammy wrote, adding, "congrats, mama." The user who tweeted the old screenshot captioned it, "This screenshot aged well." With roots going as far back as 2018, something tells us the feud between these two is far from over. Stay tuned!

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