Kylothee is Real: Timothee and Kylie are Hot and Heavy


| LAST UPDATE 09/07/2023

By Amelia Taylor
Kylie Jenner Timothee Chalamet
@kyliejenner via Instagram

The news that everyone's been waiting for for months: Timothee Chalamet is, in fact, taken, and it is by the one and only Kylie Jenner! The pair has recently been spotted together at none other than Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour in LA. Timothee and Kylie were filmed walking into the VIP section, with Kendall Jenner and a plethora of security guards trailing behind. But it was more than just the duo walking into the venue that sparked our attention...

One lucky Beyoncé spectator was doing something other than watching the live performance - and that was filming Kylie and Timothee locking lips. In a few videos captured by the onlooker that was quickly scooped up by TMZ, the couple are kissing, holding hands, and laughing. Even though a million Chalamaniacs' hearts are probably now broken by the confirmation of this news, he appears to be as happy as ever in his billionaire girlfriend's embrace. 

Timothee Kylie Kissing Beyonce
Gotham via Getty Images
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People started to believe the unbelievable rumors in April 2023 when paparazzi caught Kylie's car parked outside the actor's Los Angeles house. Not long after that, Kylie's car and Timothee were photographed in the same picture while he went on a taco run. The videos piqued interest just a couple of months after Kylie's ex and baby daddy Travis Scott released Meltdown. The track that seemed to throw shade at Timothee and his role as the famous chocolatier in the upcoming prequel Wonka. As for the actor's previous flings, Timothee has been connected to a slew of different models and actresses, namely, Lily Rose-Depp and Eiza Gonzales. However, this is the first bout of PDA we have seen since his steamy exchange in a pool with Eiza in 2020. 

@tmz #kyliejenner and #timotheechalamet officially go public as a couple at the #beyonce ♬ original sound - TMZ

Despite the heavily packed kisses, we are none the wiser whether the A-List couple is serious. With Kylie's two young children and business empire combined with Timothee's wild schedule, it's hard to imagine these two ever get the time to see each other. We don't know what's more inexcusable: making out while Queen Bey herself is singing or them not wearing silver when she specifically told them to. Come on, Kylothee!

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