Lamar Odom Talks About 'Ugly' Tristan Thompson Feud


| LAST UPDATE 07/16/2021

By Genevieve Scott
Lamar odom tristan khloe
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And the saga continues... Shortly after things got heated, to say the least, on the 'gram, Lamar Odom is finally breaking his silence. Here's what Khloe Kardashian's ex had to say about his messy feud with Tristan Thompson.

Lamar odom tristan khloe
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As for what went down? To put it simply, the battle of the exes has officially commenced. It all started on July 9, when KoKo posted her latest upload on Instagram. Only things got heated real quick - and we're not just talking about the steamy snap it called for. "Hottie," Lamar Odom soon commented before catching the eye of a special somebody...

"@lamarodom God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results," Kardashian's latest on-off again boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, warned. Ouch. But that's not even where this story ends. Shortly after the fiery exchange, Odom took to Twitter to stir the pot himself.

"NBA Twitter watching Tristan Thompson pretend to act tough on Lamar Odom," read his retweeted post. But why don't we let the video (above) do all of the talking here? Yep, we see you, Lamar. But while the shady tweet might have left room for interpretation, the athlete's latest interview certainly didn't.

Lamar odom khloe Kardashian
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"He don’t really know me," Odom revealed to TMZ as he sat down to address the feud. "What did Jesus say, ‘God, forgive those for what they not know,’ so he don’t really know me," the NBA star explained. "That could’ve really turned ugly." Yikes...

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Lamar odom tristan feud
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But while we now know how it could have ended, Odom ultimately decided to take a different approach (which, we stan, by the way). As he saw it, despite Tristan's blatant shade, Thompson "is a Black man, he's in the NBA - so we're fraternity brothers, at the end of the day." Isn't that sweet. Though we'd love to know how Mr. Thompson feels about that one...

Keep up; we've got a feeling this story is far from over.