Lil Huddy Just Dropped His First Single, '21st Century Vampire'

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We may be used to watching him lip-sync his way through our feeds, but it appears Chase Hudson - a.k.a Lil Huddy - is officially ready to take on the mic. That's right, and from the looks of it? Our favorite Tik-Tok star is slowly on his way to becoming a rockstar. Lucky for you, we've got everything you need to know.

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It all started over the weekend, as the teen sensation took to the 'gram with some shocking news. "Tonight my debut single “21st Century Vampire” comes out at 9pm pt. So stoked to share this with you guys," Hudson gushed, leaving the Instagram world - including us, of course, buzzing.

Well, it appears the wait is finally over, folks. After dropping on January 21st, 21st Century Vampire has, *no surprise,* gone on to take the online world by storm. But don't take our word for it. Aside from the 2 million+ views the accompanying music video has already racked up, Hudson's latest endeavors have earned the approval of some pretty impressive faces.

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“Chase is a rockstar!!! everyone go stream 21st century vampire!!” fellow Tik-Tok star - and Huddy's ex-girlfriend - Charli D'Amelio, gushed on Twitter shortly after the video's premiere. Of course, anyone who's been keeping up with our lip-syncing superstar knows this was simply a long time coming.

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“I’m a very misunderstood kid.. People don’t know the whole story or who I really am," Hudson revealed. "I’ve always wanted to be my full self." Sure enough, after endless years, tears, and only a little bit of scandal, "Music is my way to finally show them," the reinvented star explained.

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Yep, there's no doubt about it: Lil Huddy has come a long way since we first laid eyes on him as a timid teen living inside the Hype House... and we couldn't be more proud. Only something tells us he's just getting started.