Madelyn Cline Opens Up About Her Career


| LAST UPDATE 10/13/2021

By Georgina White
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It's been a whirlwind ride for Madelyn Cline. Since getting her breakthrough role in Outer Banks, the 23-year-old star went from aspiring actress to Paris Fashion Week guest and more. And she recently sat down for an honest conversation to talk all things about her career. Here's the scoop.

After Outer Banks became a pandemic-era hit for Netflix, Madelyn Cline's name went from humble North Carolina actress, to one of the top female Gen-Z talents in the industry. And while it has yet to be announced if a third season of Pogue madness is on the table, Cline has had more than enough to keep herself busy. The star was cast in an indie project, What Breaks the Ice, which debuted earlier this month and gave Madelyn a new chance to spread her wings. "I love working on indie [films]," the actress explained in her Buzzfeed interview. "It's just so tight-knit... You create this little family while you're shooting and it makes the experience that much more special." But on the flip side, Cline's was the complete opposite.

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Over the summer, Madelyn was in Greece with some of the biggest names in Hollywood filming the highly anticipated sequel to Knives Out. From Daniel Craig to Kate Hudson and Janelle Monáe, Cline got to work with some serious powerhouses on the project, whose first installment got a ton of nominations and praise from critics. And while this murder-comedy could be a make-or-break for Madelyn's career, she walked away from her summer of filming with nothing but gratitude for the life-changing experience. In fact, Cline was so moved that she confessed her appreciation to her legendary co-stars.

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"At the end of it, we had a dinner and everybody went around and poured their heart out," the Knives Out 2 star explained. She went on to recall what she shared with the group of legendary talents. "I've grown up watching you guys. I've grown up admiring your work, and obviously this whole time we've been trying so hard not to fangirl, but it's been like the most amazing experience," Madelyn gushed. Safe to say the fangirl came out!

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We're wishing nothing but the best for this hardworking actress and can't wait to see what's next!