Megan and MGK's on-Set "Magic"


| LAST UPDATE 07/21/2021

By Chloe Becker
Megan Fox MGK Relationship
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Movie director Randall Emmett was there to see the beginnings of one of the hottest relationships in Hollywood. And lucky for us, he's spilling all the deets. Here's what the Midnight in the Switchgrass producer had to say about the undeniable chemistry between Megan Fox and MGK.

Midnight in the Switchgrass
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According to the director, there were sparks from the first minute the two got together. "There was magic in that room, 100 percent," Randall said of the steamy pair's first scene together on set of Mightnight in the Switchgrass. In fact, there was so much chemistry that Emmett himself got a bit caught up in the lovefest.

Megan Fox poster MGK
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"I sat there behind the monitor, and there were takes where I was so mesmerized by their performances that I would forget to say 'Action!' Megan sometimes had to be like, 'Randall, are you going to call 'Action?' I was like, 'Oh my god - my bad!'" he revealed. Honestly, that's beyond relatable. We, too, are constantly distracted by the power couple's energy.

And that's not all Randall shared. "As a director, I felt, 'Wow, there's some real magic happening there,' but I didn't see any more than that," he detailed. "They're both incredible actors, and their chemistry was flawless. I was just looking at them and thinking, 'Wow, that was a great scene,' but didn't really think about anything else."

Megan Fox MGK Movie
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"It wasn't until after we shut down and went home that the relationship began," Randall explained. Things really got heated between the Costa Rica trip buddies outside of the set after the film's production was shut down due to the pandemic. But some might say the romance started long before that... Earlier this month, MGK admitted he had a poster of Ms. Fox on his bedroom wall as a teen and had once vowed to marry the actress. "So that's some full-circle s**t," the musician said.

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Machine Gun Kelly Megan
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So was Randall helping a friend shoot his shot by hiring him in the film? "I did not know that he said he was going to marry Megan Fox when he was in high school, but he definitely knew Megan was in the movie because I told him who was in the cast, and also that Megan was going to kick his a**," the director revealed. "So he definitely knew, and he had read the script." Don't mind us; we'll just be busy covering our walls in posters of our potential husbands and wives (it's called manifesting, honey).