Megan Fox Claps Back at Critics of Her and Machine Gun Kelly's Age Gap


| LAST UPDATE 07/08/2021

By Georgina White
megan fox claps back
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Megan Fox sat down with Alyssa Hardy from InStyle magazine to talk all things Hollywood. And while the Till Death actress had a lot of wisdom to share after years in the industry, Fox also had some bones to pick with the double standards she's experienced. And one, in particular, has been affecting her relationship.

Megan MGK Age Gap
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Ever since going public, tabloids around the world haven't been able to get enough of Megan and Machine Gun Kelly's romance. The pair of celebrities have snatched headlines for PDA moments and red carpet looks, but have also been the center of controversy over their age difference. Megan, who is four years older, gets most of the shade.

megan fox slams critics
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"[It's] ridiculous that women are treated that way," she told the magazine. Fox went on to talk about the hypocrisy of the whole thing - explaining how actors often date below their age without any hate. "You want to talk about patriarchy?" Megan probed her interviewer. "No one would blink twice if George Clooney was dating someone four years younger."

Megan Fox Boyfriend MGK
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In the actress's eyes, four years wasn't even an age gap worth noticing. "The fact that he's four years younger than me, and people want to act like I'm dating a younger man," Fox explained. "He's 31 and I'm 35. Granted he's lived like he's 19 his whole life, but he isn't 19." The frustration Megan felt was definitely picked up by Alyssa Harder, who applauded the Rogue star for her bravery.

megan fox age gap
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And Megan wrapped up her thoughts on the whole sitch with one special message for the critics. "Four years? Go f**k yourself," she said. Most fans of Fox's are familiar with this kind of bravery. Having experienced the tabloid bashing that so many actresses and female artists received in the 2000s, Megan isn't afraid to continually call out the unfair treatment. "If you ain't killed me yet, you're not going to kill me," the starlet said proudly.

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Safe to say that Ms. Fox is not afraid to stand up for herself or her man. Be sure to check back with us soon for more Megan and Machine Gun Kelly news...