Megan Fox Responds to MGK Cheating Speculation


| LAST UPDATE 02/16/2023

By Alyssa Williams
Megan Fox MGK Instagram Drama
Lester Cohen / Contributor via Getty Images

Is there drama brewing in the Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox love story? After Fox posted an Instagram with Beyonce's lyrics about "dishonesty" all over someone's breath, fans began speculating: is MGK cheating on his fiancé with renowned guitarist Sophie Lloyd?! Here are the latest updates.

Fox and Kelly—or, as everyone loves to call them on social media "Felly"—seemed destined for forever after announcing their engagement in early '22. But alas, the couple had a very short-lived romance when Felly suddenly exploded into dust following a rumored scandal that left fans with more questions than answers. To top it off, Fox deleted all pics of her love story from Insta before jetting offline entirely…leaving us dying to know what really happened! Megan Fox's latest post before her Instagram hiatus was a reply to one fan who offered her own theory on what was going on between the couple. “He probably got with Sophie," the user wrote, to which Fox jokingly responded with, "Maybe I got with Sophie."

MGK Megan Fox cheating sophie
Lester Cohen / Contributor via Getty Images
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A source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple had been partying together every night leading up to Super Bowl 2023, but MGK seemed totally off. "His energy was low, and the performance wasn’t great," they revealed. However, the source also said the pair reportedly having some intense highs and lows. They added that during those rough patches, Megan has been known to stir up a bit of trouble - aka trolling her followers for attention.

Like we said, Fox's Insta is no more, but just before deletion she switched up her follow list to a star-studded trio: Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet and Eminem. As if that doesn't make things interesting enough… Things between Megs and Em date back almost 10 years when Machine Gun Kelly tweeted about the rapper's 16 year old daughter Hailie Jade Mathers - who he said was "hot as f--k!" - and everything that went down after that is history. Seems like the drama is never ending among this trio. Will fans discover the truth in the days to come? Guess only time will tell...

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