Megan Thee Stallion Wants Us All To Have a Hot (and Rich) Girl Summer


| LAST UPDATE 07/02/2021

By Chloe Becker
Megan Stallion Cash App
Miikka Skaffari / Contributor via Getty Images

It's true - Megan Thee Stallion doesn't want us just to look good this summer; she also wants our wallets to look bangin'. The singer has partnered up with Cash App for her Investing in Hotties project and recently sat down with PEOPLE to talk all things women empowerment.

Megan Thee Stallion Stocks
Instagram via @theestallion

Megan took to Twitter on June 29 for an exciting announcement: she is now a Hot Girl CEO. The Grammy-winner is giving out $1 million in stock money for fellow hotties to invest and grow their portfolios. But that's not all: Thee Stallion is also teaching us how to invest and is sharing the financial knowledge she's learned while becoming a multi-millionaire performer.

"I feel like it is important to invest because you want to see your money grow in other ways. I think it is cool to put your money into something and watch it grow and take it in and out as you want to," Megan told PEOPLE. "That is why I worked with Cash App to create these Investing for Hotties educational videos. Cash App is simple to use, and anyone can invest with as little as one dollar."

Megan Thee Stallon Investments
Instagram via @theestallion

The rapper also discussed why she thinks so many of her songs have been total hits. From WAP to Hot Girl Summer, there's no stopping Megan's tracks from climbing the charts over and over again. But for Thee Stallion, it's no surprise that these tunes are so successful: summer is simply her time to shine.

Megan Hot Girl Summer
Instagram via @theestallion

"When you think of summer, you just have to think of me because I am the Hot Girl Coach, and it is the Hot Girl Summer. It is no pressure to make songs for the summer," the Body singer said. "I just put out a song in the summer, and the hotties just turn into it, and they really like it. But I do try and put something out there to kick off Hot Girl Summer every year."

And the talented star is continually being recognized for her work. At the BET Awards on June 28, Thee Stallion took home lots of awards (as she should). The H-Town hottie won Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, Best Collaboration and Video of the Year for WAP, and the Viewer's Choice Award for her and Queen B's Savage remix. Oh, and Megan also killed it with a live performance of Thot Sh*t.

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Megan Stallion Cash App
Instagram via @theestallion

But Thee Stallion wants to leave the world with more than banging music; she wants to be known as an artist who empowers other women. "It is important for me to be known as a girl's girl because a lot of times the industry tries to paint it like women don't support each other ... that girls can't be in the same field without being competitive and catty," she explained. "But me, I love all the girls, and I want everybody to know I don't believe in that." Megan's got us feeling all the feels.