Nick Jonas Opens up About His Recent Hospitalization


| LAST UPDATE 05/21/2021

By Georgina White
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Now finally on the mend, Nick Jonas has opened up about what landed him in the hospital recently. And even after suffering severe injuries, the singer spun his story in a positive manner that brought light to the painful situation. Here's what he had to say for himself.

nick jonas accident hospital
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Reports surrounding his trip to the ER first surfaced on May 15th. After tumbling off a bike on set of his new show, the star was rushed to the hospital, where he learned the extent of his injuries: A cracked rip and "a few other bumps and bruises," the Voice mentor shared. And what a turnaround! After just 2 days, Jonas resumed his coaching duties. "I just want to go ahead and say that, in case I'm not as physically enthusiastic as I usually am," he explained of his recovery process. 

But the positive vibes kept on coming as he joked with his rival coach, Blake Shelton. "Blake, please don't make me laugh as much because it hurts to laugh," Nick teased. "You're just trying to get sympathy votes on the show," the country star quipped back. But Nick further elaborated on his injuries in an interview with Extra TV. "Better day-to-day," the former Disney star answered when asked about his recovery. Overall, though, he's thankful that the big fall resulted in relatively minor injuries. "It could've been a lot worse," he admitted.

nick jonas hospital fall
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Nick continued to share details of what led up to the brutal accident. For those who didn't know, NBC recently announced that the Jonas Brothers were lined up for an Olympic-themed show to promo the upcoming athletic event. The show, Olympic Dreams, saw Nick, Kevin, and Joe competing against each other in various sports. Sadly, during a cycling competition, Nick lost control of the bike and took a nasty fall. But with proper R&R, the talented artist hopes he'll make a full recovery. 

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We're sending our warmest wishes to the injured celeb and hope he makes a speedy recovery! Be sure to check back with us as we keep you posted on all things Jonas...