North West Gets Busted by Kim For Sneaking Onto TikTok


| LAST UPDATE 12/14/2021

By Lia Thomson
Kim Kardashian North TikTok
Pierre Suu Contributor via Getty Images

Ever since the Kardashian kids started posting on TikTok, fans can't get enough of it. But now we're worried North West might get her social media privilege taken away! Here's why.

Most of us probably remember when Mason found himself in hot water. In the past, Kourt's eldest shared information about the family that was meant to be kept private. You know, like discussing relationship rumors regarding Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. Well, now, it seems like Kim and Kanye's eldest has followed in her cousin's footsteps!

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Kim and North opened up a joint TikTok account @KimandNorth, where they began sharing silly (Kim approved!) videos with their eager followers. Most recently, though, North didn't ask for permission. The 8-years old decided it would be fun to chat with fans... so she went live on TikTok. "Mom, I'm Live!" she revealed while pointing the camera to the Skim's founder lying in bed. Of course, the reality star was caught off guard: "No stop, you're not allowed to!" Kimmy warned. The mother of four then proceeded to ask an adult standing near North if she really was live streaming. It seemed like Kimye's troublemaker knew she made a mistake as she then told viewers, "Ok, bye!" before ending the video. 

During the short live, North gave a house tour of her Hidden Hills home. “Let’s give a house tour,” she explained. As she walked around her mansion, she showed viewers all the Christmas decorations before whipping out the family pictures. And finally, she ended the tour in a very pink bedroom, which we can only assume was her room.

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north west kim TikTok
Marc Piasecki / Contributor via Getty Images

As we know, this famous family is particular about what they want to be shared with the world. So they're probably not as thrilled as we are about Noris' TikTok adventures. But hey, what can you do? Kids will be kids...

Luckily for the Kardashian clan (but kinda sad for us), nothing major was spilled on camera. For now...