North West's Painting Takes the Online World By Storm

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What do North West, Bob Ross, and TikTok user Camryn Frederickson have in common? On paper, perhaps not exactly much. But to the online world? Well, that's a whole other story. Hang on while we break down the latest tea...

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It all started when Kim took to the 'gram to do what she does best. “My little artist North,” the proud momma gushed of her daughter's latest doing: A painting; But not just any painting. With pretty pastels and a dreamy landscape, we couldn't help but wonder, well: How the h*ll did a 7-year-old do that?

North West, Painting, Viral
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And it appears we weren't the only ones. In only a matter of time, Nori's little masterpiece took the only world by storm. There's no way she truly painted that, people began to gossip. And Kim was not having it, at all. But don't take our word for it.

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"DON'T PLAY WITH ME WHEN IT COMES TO MY CHILDREN!" the angry mother soon fired back. "How dare you see children doing awesome things and then try to accuse them of NOT being awesome?" Yep, what did we tell you? As for how Kardashian explained it?

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Her pint-sized superstar has been taking oil painting classes for a while now. And well, we'd say she's certainly getting her money's worth. But believe it or not, she's not the only one who knows how to work a paintbrush. *Enter Camryn Frederickson.*

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Shortly after Kimye's eldest found herself hijacking headlines, TikTok user, Camryn Frederickson took to her keyboard with receipts of her own. “I actually can’t believe... I'm probably one of the only people... who has evidence... that Kim's not lying,” she began.


##stitch with @you.will.never.know.123 ##greenscreen ##northwest ##northwestpainting when Kim is literally not lying

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Well, what - or should we say, who - was her evidence? Celeste Astor Frederickson; Otherwise known as her talented painting mother. “She taught North how to paint the same one just two weeks ago,” Camryn gushed, alongside her very own Bob Ross-esque masterpiece.

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We don't know about you guys, but we think the case is finally closed here: North West is officially a force to be reckoned with. Then again, when your dad's a Genius Billionaire, well, are we really even all that surprised here?