Why We're Obsessed with Theo from 'You'


| LAST UPDATE 10/19/2021

By Georgina White
dylan arnold theo you
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It hasn't even been a week since Netflix dropped the third season of You and the internet can't get enough of one of the latest additions to the cast.

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From gruesome killings to new romantic obsessions, You delivered another set of episodes full of Joe's murderous antics. And just like in past seasons, the writing and creative team also brought in fresh new cast members to fill the plot. But what's different in this latest installment is that one of the new add-ons became a huge hit with the audience. That's right: we're talking about none other than Theo Engler who's played by Dylan Arnold. The soft boy college student who fell hard for Love Quinn-Goldberg captured the hearts of this thriller series and they haven't been shy about showing their love on social media. So we rounded up some of the thirstiest posts to show just how big of a deal he has become.

you characters season 4
VALERIE MACON / Contributor via Getty Images

"I try not to get attached to characters on YOU, and f**k me I got attached, theo and ellie comeback in season 4," one user shared on Twitter. With the future cast of the next season up in the air, many are hoping that their college bae will come back to seductively lick cupcakes once again. Another tweet showed the total roller coaster that the Standford babe took audience members on throughout the ten episodes. "Watching this new character theo violated me, annoyed me, but also turned me on," the tweet read.

But other people had sympathy for the puppy love Theo was experiencing. After all, having Quinn as a neighbor would be pretty distracting, wouldn't it? "Shut up I adore Theo so much please I literally can't blame him cause I would do the same f**king thing if Love Quinn was my neighbour," @tennantclara tweeted.

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Safe to save that this man has made some noise. And consider our fingers crossed that we'll get to see him in the next season of You.