Olivia Jade Fears Getting "Canceled Again"


| LAST UPDATE 10/27/2021

By Georgina White
olivia jade college scandal
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It's been a long two years for Olivia Jade and the Giannulli family. From the 2019 college scandal break up until today, the 22-year-old influencer has struggled to overcome the gossip and public bashing. And it hasn't gotten any easier. Olivia fears that it could happen all over again.

olivia jade new podcast
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The new Dancing with the Stars competitor spilled the tea on her new podcast series, Conversations with Olivia Jade. She focused her first episode on "the past, letting go, and moving forward," and was joined by Dr. Hillary Goldsher as she rehashed the past two years. While Olivia's mom was served a two-month sentence in court, Jade felt like her public trial went on much longer. She described to the doctor the struggle she faced by waking up to seeing her name in the headlines month after month. "I'm not saying this to throw myself a little pity party," the YouTuber explained. "Because I also think it's circumstantial. Obviously, we really messed up. I don't want that to be taken out of context."

However, accountability aside, Olivia felt like the bashing was getting out of control. "It's so much harder for me to be forgiving of myself because I feel so unforgiven by, what feels like, the entire world," Jade confessed to the psychologist. "Everybody hates me." Olivia was especially concerned by the fact that the hate was limiting her growth from the whole situation. According to her, many felt like she hadn't matured at all from the scandal and she remained just as privileged as she was before. "I would be crazy to not have learned anything," Olivia said with frustration.

conversations with olivia jade
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However, the influencer found herself stuck in a tough position. "I'm so hesitant to talk about it because of the trauma... of like, 'Gosh, if I say this or it comes off kinda the wrong way, am I gonna get canceled again?''" Jade explained. "It really does leave an impression in one's mind." All in all, Olivia has committed herself to self-improvement, and thanks to a heart-to-heart with the psychologist, she got one step closer.

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You can listen to the full interview here!