Penelope Disick Rocks Face Tattoos in New Pics


| LAST UPDATE 10/05/2021

By Georgina White
penelope disick face tattoos
Instagram via @kourtneykardash

Safe to say that Halloween is in full swing at Kourtney Kardashian's home. And it seems as though the apple didn't fall far from the tree, as Penelope rocked a punk costume - complete with face tats!

The 9-year-old already saw her Los Angeles home transform into a spooky mansion - complete with towering skeletons, decked-out decor, and sweet treats. And it was clear that the holiday spirit got to P, who took the opportunity to undergo the rockstar makeover for this year's festivities. The eldest of Kourtney and Scott Disick's mini-mes kicked off the Halloween season with a head-to-toe black outfit, topped with fishnet gloves, a black wig, and combat boots. But what really took Penelope's look to the next level was her mom-approved choice in makeup.

penelope disick halloween costume
Instagram via @kourtneykardash

The punk rocker opted for a smudgy black eye shadow look and some temporary face tattoos. With one X on one cheek and a heart on the other, P transformed into a certified rocker and jumped about 10 years older with this costume. But while some parents might have a problem with their 9-year-old kid going goth, Kourtney supported the lighthearted fun and uploaded the pics to her grid. And the 42-year-old's bae also gave his stamp of approval on the look. "Rockstar," Travis Barker commented under the picture. Could Penelope's fit be a shout-out to her mom's BF?

penelope disick punk outfit
Instagram via @kourtneykardash

P's aunt Khloe Kardashian also joined in to show some love for her festive niece. "She's so cute," Koko commented on the gallery of photographs. Other Kardashian fans hopped in to share their two cents about the pics. "Mini travis i said it sorry scott," one user commented. "Taking after her step dad." Others commended Kourtney for being such a laid-back mom and encouraging Penelope's self-expression - especially considering that the 9-year-old had dyed her hair bright red at the end of summer.

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Best part about it? It's only October 5th, which means that we've (hopefully) got way more costumes to come. Can't wait to see what Halloween look will come next? Neither can we. So be sure to check back soon for more spooky selfies from your favorite Hollywood celebs.