Rebel Wilson Reveals All in Upcoming Memoir


| LAST UPDATE 10/06/2023

By Petra Grover
Rebel Rising Memoir Wilson
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Rebel Wilson is revealing it all. The Pitch Perfect actress has been working on her upcoming memoir. The actress opens up about the experience of writing a novel.

The memoir Rebel Rising will be an up close and personal look into Wilson's life. The Isn't It Romantic actress has revealed what it's like to write a novel and what fans can expect from her tell-all memoir. She told People, "I think the first few chapters were really s***. Then the editor was like, 'This just doesn't sound like you.' So what I started doing is I just sat there by myself as if I'm just telling the story to a friend. I just kind of found my writing style – as if I'm opposite my friend, telling you all my life's deepest secrets, which is a bit scary." She also mentioned how she "underestimated how much work it really is" to write a book detailing her entire life. Meanwhile, the Australian has also been juggling directing her first feature film, The Deb, which she co-stars in.

Rebel Wilson Memoir Novel
@rebelwilson via Instagram
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The memoir will follow Rebel's journey from starting in the entertainment industry in her native Australia to becoming a Hollywood success story. She also details her personal experiences with fertility issues, weight gain, sexuality, and much more. Where does one even begin when they are writing a book? To gain inspiration for the novel, Wilson turned to the pages in her old diaries. She said to People, "It was crazy to see my mindset and to see where I was at those different ages, like 16 or 23, or getting rejected from all these drama schools and just being completely rejected, being an actor, and then thinking, 'Oh, is this really what I should be doing with my life?' To have those original letters and diary entries – interesting to go back and remember." Rebel Rising will surely be an intimate look at the actress's life and give audiences a new way to get to know the How to Be Single actress. Who else can't wait to get their hands on a copy?

Fans will be able to get their hands on the book on April 2, 2024, but can pre-order now. Until then, who wants to rewatch Pitch Perfect?

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