'OBX's Rudy Pankow Defends His GF from Shade on Old Posts


| LAST UPDATE 08/10/2021

By Georgina White
rudy pankow defends girlfriend
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Outer Banks's Rudy Pankow has had quite the crammed summer. But amidst all the buzz for the second season of his hit Netflix show, Pankow had to set the record straight about his girlfriend, Elaine Siemek.

rudy pankow girlfriend comments
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Rudy, who played JJ in the teen drama took some time to address all the criticism that's been thrown his girlfriend's way. According to Buzzfeed, Elaine was feeling the heat over some culturally appropriative comments that had recently resurfaced on social media, in addition to reposting insensitive content across different platforms. While fans felt that they were rightly putting the pressure on her to own up to her past, Rudy argued that they'd crossed a line and felt the need to stand up for his girlfriend. He spoke his truth in a lengthy Instagram post dedicated to the whole situation.

rudy pankow girlfriend apology
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"Unfortunately I’m here to call out the disrespect and harassment someone who I love dearly is getting on a daily basis," the 22-year-old actor wrote. "It has gotten to the degree where lies are being spread and accusations are being said that go beyond the normal “hate.” According to Pankow, the person that Elaine was being painted out to be couldn't have been further from the truth. "Accusing someone you don’t know of being abusive and manipulative is not ok, especially when you don’t know the relationship personally." The Outer Banks star was calling for positivity and humility moving forward, and clearly, over 2 million fans agreed with him.

And Elaine also had some words of her own to share. In a series of two stories which have since been added to a highlight titled "apology," Rudy's girlfriend shared her side of the situation and asked for forgiveness. "This happened in high school and I've grown a lot since then," the photographer said in defense. "As ashamed and appalled as I am that I'm being labeled something I'm so passionately against being, I need to be brave enough to admit what I said was wrong."

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Will Rudy and Elaine's words be enough to cool down the heat? Check back soon for more updates coming your way.