Ryan Gosling Shares a Rare Glimpse of Life at Home


| LAST UPDATE 01/07/2022

By Lia Thomson
ryan gosling eva mendes
Dave Allocca/Starpix via Shutterstock

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes met in 2012 on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines. Ever since, the duo has kept their relationship away from the public. Now, Gosling has finally given us a glimpse into their private life with two kids. Here's what he had to say.

The Crazy, Stupid, Love star recently sat down for an interview with British GQ, where he discussed his usually private life with his two young girls, Esmeralda and Amada. When the actor and the interviewee began discussing the matter of time, he said, "Time, in general, is something I think about a lot now," he said. "My kids are growing up so fast I need to keep an eye on the clock in a way I never used to." 

eva mendes ryan gosling
Warren Toda/EPA via Shutterstock
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Gosling was then asked whether the pandemic had shifted his perspective, to which he responded with, "You know, I'm not sure. I feel like I need more time to process it. But we have two kids, so we spend a lot of our time trying to keep them entertained." His daughters, who are 7 and 5, were pretty young when the pandemic first hit in 2020. Gosling explained to the magazine, "Our kids were at a difficult age not to be able to see other kids and interact with people, even though Eva and I did our best." He continued by saying he and his actress wife, Mendes seemed to do "more acting in quarantine than in our films. Tougher crowd, though." LOL.

But Gosling isn't the only one who gave us a peek into their secret life. Back in 2019, Mendes opened about life as a mom on Access Daily, "Oh gosh, it's so fun and beautiful and maddening. It's maddening," she said. "It's so hard, of course. But it's like that feeling of like, really, you end your day, you put them to bed, and Ryan and I kind of look at each other like, 'We did it, we did it. We came out relatively unscathed, you know?" While every now and then, the duo spill some info, the two overall prefer to keep things out of the public eye: "As far as Ryan and I," Mendes explained, "it just works for us this way, to stay private." We respect it, stay tuned!

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