Selena Gomez Delivers Touching Message to Immigrant Students Graduating This Year

Luna Dawson

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2020 is certainly one for the books, especially for this year's graduates who have had to have their long-awaited ceremonies at home. Usually, graduation is shared with friends and family, but because of the pandemic, things have had to be a little different. Selena Gomez decided to take the time to congratulate every graduating immigrant.

Elite Daily

During Define American's YouTube Livestream on Saturday, the 27-year-old singer said, "Congratulations to all the immigrads! I know that this is a virtual ceremony, but it is very real. And it's very real to all the families, all of you and your communities."

Evening Standard

She continued, "I want you guys to know that you matter. And that your experiences are a huge part of the American story. I'm a proud third-generation American-Mexican, and my family's journey and their sacrifices helped me get to where I am today. Each and every one of you has a similar tale."

Daily Mail

She left with words of encouragement saying, "Regardless of where your family is from, regardless of your immigration status, you have taken action to earn an education, to make your families proud, and to open up your worlds," she expressed. "So I'm sending all of my love to you guys today and congratulations!"