Shawn Mendes Fesses Up During Lie Detector Test


| LAST UPDATE 09/22/2021

By Georgina White
shawn mendes lie detector
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This wasn't your average Shawn Mendes interview. The singer sat down with Vanity Fair to answer some tough questions, and we got to see if he was really telling the truth or not...

shawn mendes interview lie
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Shawn has been rocking the headlines recently thanks to his public appearances at the MTV VMAs and the Met Gala, but it was time to ditch the red carpet for a lie detector test and get real with some personal questions. The 23-year-old singer was feeling the heat as he got strapped up with the monitors for the test, saying, "s**t's gonna go weird here," before asking the test facilitator if it would hurt.

Despite his nerves, the Summer of Love singer dove right into answering the questions, no matter how awkward they were. And it didn't take long for a fellow artist's name to come up. Mendes fessed up in saying that Justin Bieber was a "main reason" that he started his singing career, adding that he was "definitely" nervous around his idol when they worked on Monster together. "I think that when I get nervous my fave twitches," Mendes admitted to the interviewer.

Shawn Mendes lie detector
Instagram via @shawnmendes

"[I'm] pretty sure I had some face twitching going on," he added. The questions then took an uglier turn, as Shawn was asked whether his romantic past with Justin's wife came up during their time in the studio. "[We] never talked about that," Mendes answered while trying to hide a nervous smile. And the verdict? "He's telling the truth," the technician confirmed.

shawn mendes vanity fair
Arturo Holmes/MG21 / Contributor via Getty Images

It didn't take long for the tougher questions to start coming, as Shawn was hit with a number of Qs about some other famous celebrities in his life. From John Mayer's bachelor status to his friendship with Taylor Swift, Mendes looked as though he felt backed into a corner at times - especially when it came to Taylor and Joe Alwyn's relationship. Mendes was even caught lying about his thoughts on Joe. "He's kinda got a little bit of a villain look about him," the Treat Your Better singer confessed.

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Looks like Shawn was in the hot seat during this interview! To see more of the tough questions thrown his way, check out the full interview above.