Shay Mitchell Announces Pregnancy News!


| LAST UPDATE 02/09/2022

By Peral Simons
shay mitchell pregnant baby
Gotham / Contributor via Getty Images

Baby Fever is truly in the air! Shay Mitchell is the latest among a long list of celebrities to debut their 'baby bump.' Posting a series of images, Shay announced on Instagram that she and partner Matte Babel are pregnant with baby number 2! Here's what we know so far...

"Little one, we are so excited to meet you," Shay revealed to her 32 million followers. There was no mention of her due date, but going off the size of the bump, we'd say she's let us in on the news a tad later than we'd like! Most importantly, we won't, unfortunately, be getting the traditional six months' worth of pregnancy outfits to drool over. Soon to be a family of 4, Shay and Matte are already parents to their incredibly gorgeous daughter, Atlas, who frequently makes appearances on mom's popular YouTube lifestyle channel. Titled Shay Mitchell, Shay's clips show us how to cook, travel, dress, and more. And being the true influencer queen that she is, we have no choice but to abide!

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This pregnancy news comes just one week after Shay took to Instagram to discuss her heartbreak over the loss of her Grandmother, whom she referred to as her "best friend." Alongside a series of images and videos, Shay shared with her followers the "excruciating" pain she was feeling in a lengthy post. In light of this, fans were delighted to see Shay back to her iconic positive ways following her pregnancy announcement. At the intersection of these two life-cycle events, Shay has chosen to believe that this simultaneous loss and gain of life was the universe's plan all along. "I breathe a sigh of peace knowing you two are already connected in such a cosmic way," she revealed.

shay mitchell baby pregnant
Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images

With her first pregnancy, Shay provided us with some gorgeous looks and behind-the-scenes footage of the build-up to the baby's arrival (including her hilarious "baby mama dance"). So, we are seriously hoping we can look forward to more fun this second time around. And don't worry about missing a thing! We will keep our eyes peeled for all things Shay, so you don't need to! Stay tuned.

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