Shay Mitchell Talks Life as a Mom of 2!


| LAST UPDATE 10/11/2022

By Christiana Holland
Shay Mitchell Babies Interview
@shaymitchell via Instagram

Shay Mitchell is not one to keep her family out of the spotlight. She is pretty open about her little ones, from sharing the cutest pics online to hilarious TikTok trends. Yet, the pretty little liar is telling all about life as a mom of two! Here's what we know.

In an exclusive interview with E!, Mitchell spoke alongside Elsa Hosk, and both discussed their new BÉIS collection. The pair have lined up a series of 4 "lightweight but super sturdy" bags in the ultimate mom collaboration. It turns out that it was the BÉIS Motel pop-up - at The Grove in LA - where Mitchell and boyfriend Matte Babel announced the birth of their second child. It seems this place is pretty close to home, so what better excuse to become involved? Yet, as we reminisce on Mitchell's journey to motherhood, it all started in 2019 when she gave birth to her daughter, Atlas. Now, with a new baby in town, Mitchell reflects on how her life has changed. 

Shay Mitchell Children TikTok
@shaymitchell via Instagram
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Mitchell and Hosk were praised as the "cool moms," to which they both laughed, pointing out that they "pretend to be the cool moms." Yet, we have to disagree! When Mitchell was asked to share advice for being a "mom of two under two," she had a moment of connecting with herself. She ended up humoring the situation, "I would say going from no kids to one kid is a lot easier than going from one kid to two kids." She explained the experience as "wild" but continued to describe the situation as "amazing, but a whole other ball game." Hosk, a mom of one, explained how she looks at Mitchell in "awe" as she incredibly juggles mom life and work life, especially amid the pair's new launch. Not to mention, with Halloween just around the corner, Mitchell already has four costumes in the bag and is way too excited about the two constructing a pair's costume. To add a little context into mom-of-two life, Mitchell explains the four outfits ordered are "depending on Atlas' moods." For someone who is used to the spooky season in Rosewood, she believes her touch of decorations might be too scary for a three-year-old and baby sister. Still, she explains that "just seeing them together and interact is the best gift." Aw.

While she has not yet tied the knot with the father of her children, Babel, this is just another exciting milestone for the happy parents! And it seems Mitchell is doing a great job at adapting as a "modern parent," especially with her October 9th bag launch. Stay tuned.

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