Sophie Turner Shares Her Self-Love Journey


| LAST UPDATE 05/11/2022

By Georgina White
sophie turner mental health
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For aspiring teen actors and actresses, the thought of landing a role in a major project like Game of Thrones would most likely be the ultimate dream. And that was certainly the case for Sophie Turner, who spent her teen years playing Sansa on the HBO series. But looking back, things weren't all positive - and she's ready to talk about the struggles she faced from life in the public eye.

Now, for those who are as obsessed as we are with Sophie Turner, this isn't exactly news. Back in 2019, the young actress opened up about the pressures she was facing from the public when it came to her role on television. "I would have spotty skin because I was a teenager, and that's normal, but I used to get a lot of comments about my skin and my weight and how I wasn't a good actress," she confessed during an interview with People. It was safe to say that the hate had a profound impact on Turner, who turned to a therapist to help with it all. "I think it's necessary to have someone to talk to and to help you through that," she explained at the time. 

sophie turner eating disorder
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And still, years later, the soon-to-be mom of two can still feel the impact of the negative talk. "I wish I'd never got myself involved with it in the first place," she said of social media. With each Instagram post, Sophie found herself consumed by comments about her appearance, especially the negative ones. It even got to a point where she resorted to having live-in therapists help her with her disordered eating and body issues. And that companion had some special words that helped Sophie snap out of it... "You're not that important," the therapist told her. "That was the best thing anyone could have told me." And TBH, that's the mantra we all needed to hear. You can read the whole interview here...

We're sending lots of love to this soon-to-be mom-of-two! Stay tuned for more can't-miss interviews with your favorite celebs who know how to keep it real!

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