Want To Study Harry Styles? This College Can Help!


| LAST UPDATE 07/22/2022

By Abby Wall
harry styles college course
Jo Hale/Redferns via Getty Images

Harry Styles has now become a school subject, and we just have one question. Where do we sign up?! For the lucky students attending Texas State University, they will now be able to enroll in a class solely dedicated to exploring the ins and outs of the Watermelon Sugar singer. The class, "Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet and European Pop Culture," will be available starting Spring 2023. Again, sign us up!

For those who need a little refresher - the 28-year-old British pop sensation got an early start in the music industry when he was a young teen performing as a solo artist on the British X Factor in 2010. And now he is the main subject for a college course. Oh, how times have changed. Styles quickly rose to fame with the instant success of One Direction, and since his departure from the band a few years ago, his solo career has quite literally skyrocketed. So, in addition to a course in Kingston, Ontario offering a course on Taylor Swift and another Canadian University offering a course on Ye's "cultural impacts in the age of information," there is now a course on Styles.

harry styles one direction
 Kevin Mazur via Getty Images for Harry Styles
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Associate Professor of Digital History Dr. Louie Dean Valencia will offer the class for scholars who are Styles enthusiasts or simply intrigued by the idea. The professor in charge shared on his social media a little synopsis of what the class will be about. "This course focuses on British musician Harry Styles and popular European culture to understand the cultural development of the modern celebrity." He continued, "As related to questions of gender, sexuality, race, class, nation and globalism, median fashion fan culture, internet culture, and consumerism."

The class will analyze all his work from the One Direction days all the way to his present albums and films - but the teacher made it clear his personal life will not be the main focus. "By studying the art, activism, consumerism, and fandom around Harry Styles, I think we'll be able to get to some very relevant contemporary issues. I think it's so important for young people to see what is important to them reflected in their curriculum," Valencia shared. He also added it would be a dream for Harry to show up in person or by Zoom, but he "understands how busy he is." We can only imagine! Until then, stay tuned.

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