Here’s What to Know About the Sway House Split


| LAST UPDATE 08/22/2021

By Genevieve Scott
sway house split drama
Instagram via @swayla

From TikToks to prank videos, the Sway House has become one of the most controversial content houses since it started in January 2020. But it seems the boys have officially decided to head their separate ways. Keep reading to see how the members announced the group's shocking split...

bryce hall sway split
Instagram via @brycehall

It all started when Bryce Hall, perhaps the most controversial member of the group, admitted he had outgrown the Sway House. “I left Sway,” he wrote on August 12th, confirming the house's split.

The Sway House has built an army of loyal fans who have supported them over the years. So it's safe to say fans were shocked at Bryce's tweet announcing he had left Sway. Some fans wondered if the Sway House ending was a joke, and others were immediately devastated by the news (including us).

sway house la over
Instagram via @swayla

But that's not all. The Sway House members also began unfollowing each other on Instagram. The first member to hit the unfollow button was Bryce Hall, who unfollowed Blake Gray. Both Bryce and Blake have had their own personal projects growing outside of Sway House, and with the group ending? Perhaps following each other just wasn’t necessary anymore. It seems we shouldn't expect any collabs from these two in the near future...

bryce hall Sway House
Instagram via @brycehall

But the unfollowing spree continued when Jaden Hossler unfollowed Josh Richards. Might it have been because of the drama between Josh, Jaden, Nessa Barrett, and Mads Lewis? In case you forgot, the four found themselves in the middle of a pretty messy cheating scandal last year when Nessa Barret was rumored to have cheated on Josh Richards... before moving on with Mads Lewis' ex, Jaden Hossler.

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sway house la split
Instagram via @swayla

But while Sway might have had a few scandals along the way, their split has left the online world in a frenzy. Since announcing the big news, fans have been flocking to the 'gram and Twitter to share how the boys made their life better and helped them get through tough times. Which, well, same. Might the group reunite on our feeds, eventually? We certainly hope so.

Stay tuned...