The Sway House Under Fire for Controversial Video Game


| LAST UPDATE 09/30/2021

By Genevieve Scott
sway house drama game
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The Sway House is back at it again: the famous TikTok stars have just found themselves in more drama after releasing their own animated video game. From the game's premise to the backlash it eventually called for, here's what to know about Sway's latest saga...

sway house video game
Instagram via @swayla

Starring popular TikTok creators Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson, the game was released at an unexpected time - mere weeks after several members announced they were leaving the content house. In fact, just recently, Bryce Hall described the house as being "dead." But let's backtrack a bit.

sway stories bryce hall
Instagram via @swayla

Back in August 2021, it was first announced that a game was in the works, inspired by the TikTok group. Called "Sway Stories," the animated endeavor was then released a month later. But much to fans' surprise, the game only featured two Sway house members: Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson.


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Sure enough, the controversial drop has been met with lots of divided reviews. A popular YouTuber, Kurtis Conner, wasted no time calling Sway Stories a "disaster." His blunt video reviewing the game spread across the internet as many were quick to agree with his evaluation. But it's not just the game's content that's been met with disapproval: people have also been critical of the promotional material used for it, which features TikTok clips of Griffin and Josh acting out lines from the game.

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For those who aren't familiar with Sway House's premise: all users must play a girl that was invited to a Sway House party and gets to meet its most popular stars. So far, only one episode of the series has been released, and although it's technically free to play, users have to pay to be able to unlock secret conversations. According to the game's official TikTok page (@swaystories), the second episode will air when the account reaches 50,000 followers. Take what you want from that one...

Stay tuned while this story develops.