How Taylor Swift's Getting Ready for Fall


| LAST UPDATE 10/27/2021

By Chloe Becker
Taylor Swift Instagram Fall
Alessio Botticelli / Contributor via Getty Images

Attention all "Basic autumn lovers," Queen Taylor called and said it's time to "RISE." The Pennsylvania native is bringing Tumblr back and getting ready for fall all at once. Here are all of the pumpkin-spice details.

Taylor Reenacts Tumblr Post
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Swift took to the Gram and shared with fans exactly how she's getting ready for one of her favorite seasons. Spoiler alert: the 31-year-old is shamelessly basic AF - and we absolutely love it. "Okay, so this is a video reenactment of my Tumblr post about Fall," Tay narrates at the beginning of the upload.

Taylor Swift Tumblr Post
Instagram via @taylorswift

The Tumblr post she referred to is one from 2014 where Swift listed all of the things she loves about autumn. "And hats and scarves and knee socks and wearing tights for the first time in months and when the mornings are all chilly and you can see your breath and draw little pictures on foggy windows," it says. The award-winning songwriter was not done detailing everything she admires just yet.

Taylor Swift Fall Ready
Instagram via @taylorswift

"And plaid stuff and ANKLE BOOTS and not caring when people make fun of pumpkin flavored stuff cause you LOVE IT and are happy it's all the rage," the post continues. "And people who dress their dogs in costumes on Halloween and fires in fireplaces and marron/hunter green/mustard yellow color combos and baking your first fall batch of cookies but you put too much cinnamon in it because you're TOO EXCITED BECAUSE IT'S FALL."

Tay then blessed us with some visuals where she acts out all of the things she listed: we see the Red singer rocking a scarf and hat, wearing plaid stuff and ankle boots, and whipping out a good ol' order from Starbucks. Oh, and we got some much-needed content of Swift's cats, of course.

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Red Taylor's Version Release
Instagram via @taylorswift

When the music icon is not getting ready for fall at home, she's been busy in the studio. Swift recently announced she'll be releasing Red (Taylor's Version) a week earlier than initially planned. The record will be released on November 12th, much to fans' delight. "Can't wait to celebrate the 13th with you and our new/old autumn heartbreak," she tweeted.

Safe to say, we'll be celebrating with a pumpkin spice latte and cinnamon cookies by our side.